Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Case for Revolt & Revolution Part: II

A question of legitimacy, when does a government elected or imposed lose legitimacy?

Are we as free citizens now being governed by illegitamte governments?

Are we as free citizens now being held hostage to two failed ideologies?

Are we as free citizens now merely awaiting the inevitable collapse of our institutions?

The Commonwealth of Australia is in dire trouble and it would appear that only the citizenry can see it. The Commonwealth of Australia is headed for more turbulant waters than most people could imagine yet again only the citizenry appear to be the only ones who can see it coming.

The growth in "Nationalist" politcal entities ranging from the Southern Cross Soldiers, Australian Defence League and the Australian Protectionist Party along with many others who openly discuss not only rebelion but the potention for a far more serious civil confligration is a sure sign that a change is coming.

Regardless of the powers weilded by the Governments of the Commonwealth of Australia there could be little done now to stem the under-current of discontent now swirling through the citizenry and by the time the political elite see this discontent over-take apathy as the norm it will be far to late to effect any counter.

The Governments of the Commonwealth of Australia have lost control, they can no longer even provide the very basics of peace and security for the citizenry. As a whole, the system that supports government has been destroyed by the two now failed ideologies that represent politics here in Australia.

Wether it be the political interference of the Queensland Police Service by the Queensland Government or the whole-sale betrayal of the citizen by the then J W Howard Government or the utter failure that now represents national infrastructure and services such as Health the commonality is that all of these are the result of ideological failure supported by an out-dates government system that has out-lived its effectiveness.

We as citizens are no longer represented in our own parliments, all that is represented now is two ideologies in conflict. All those elected now only serve the ideologies they belong to and not the citizenry at large.

In doing so they have truely become the creators of illegitimate government, government removed from the citizenry.

Government that refuses to govern, government that denounces the truth in order to serve the perpetuation of ideology, government that in-concert with the mass-media has removed not only good government from the hands of the citizen but has done all possible to disconnect the citizens themselves from each other and their nation state, in effect creating generations of placid compliant citizens who know no different.

The truth is the truth, the two failed ideologies that represent government in Australia at their core hold idenitical beliefs, some include, the asianisation of the Commonwealth of Australia and her citizenry, mass immigration, hyper-liberalism, a natural resource based economy, national competition policy that criminalises nationalist driven government purchases along with a multitude of policies that ensure that a choice between one or the other results in a choice for the same.

That is not democracy, that is tyranny, ideological tyranny that is slowly destroying not only the Nation State by the Australian Citizenry.

The Governments of the Commonwealth of Australia have become illegitimate at their own choice, they collectively have chosen to govern with the perpetuation and benifit of ideology and not the will or benifit of the citizen as their core motive.

This has lead to decisions such as building a AU$6 billion road that only covers a distance of 6km plus many other financially ruinous decisions that are based soley on vote buying and not fixing more present problems. We can all be cetain that the billions wasted on that one road could have gone a very long way in fixing a health system that is rapidly becoming 3rd world.

Where does all of this stop?

Is it time that we as free citizens embrace the inherant power and will of the citizen and demand and create government for ourselves?

Or do we as free citizens accept the ineptitude and failings and simply let our county be taken from us by two ideologies who sees us as citizens as nothing more than the means by which to perpetuate the ideology?

We as free citizens have a right to govern from the citizen up and not to be the victims of tyrannical government that eminates from the elite down.



Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Case for Revolt & Revolution (Part: I)

The Fundamental Right, A Case for Revolt & Revolution Part: I

Judicial Failure, it is evident that in Australia the Judicial System has failed, the Government and System of Government that institutes the Judicial System has also failed to not only uphold the Rule of Law but has also deminished the very Law itself.

Part: I

The Failure of the Judiciary

The Aurakun Case,

Judge Sarah Bradley refuses to imprison 9 men after they were found guilty of repeatedly raping a 10 year old girl.

This is not the only injustice to befall this little girl, she had been raped previous in the same community and not only was justice denied her in that instance she would later be sent back to the community after being removed for her own protection by a Queensland State Government Department who were too frightened of appearing racist to protect her.

A part of how this was reported in the Media,






The obvious failings of the Judicial System in this case are obvious, the failure to absolute failure to maintain the Rule of Law in this community is also obvious, what else is also obvious is the absolute failure in this instance to not only provide Justice but to do something as simple as adhere to the Law.

In Judge Sarah Bradley's reasoning for not sending these 9 men to prison for repeatedly raping this 10 year old girl was the unfounded belief held by the Judge that this 10 year old girl had in-fact agreed to engage in the sexual activity with the 9 men.

If this were the case, if indeed Judge Sarah Bradley believed for one moment that the sexual activity was consensual then the Rape Charges should have been dismissed and charges issued from the bench of Carnal Knowledge or Indecent Dealings With a Minor, both of which carry imprisonment as a sentencing option.

However, regardless of consent, it is against the Law in the State of Queensland to engage in sexual activity with a minor under the age of 16.

The Law in the State of Queensland Australia:


What Judge Sarah Bradley in surmising that the child in question agreed to the sexual activity is provide precedent for future cases where-by future offenders will be able to use consent as a defence where the victim may not be in a position to prove other-wise thus allowing them to also escape imprisonment such as these 9 men were able to.

That in itself is a gross Miscarriage of Justice perpetrated and thus set into perpetuation by a Judge who simply failed to uphold the ideals of Justice but also simply failed to Uphold and Enforce the Law and properly punish those responsible for breaking it.

If this were an isolated incident there would be no great cause for concern for the citizenry however, this is by no means an isolated case of the Judiciary failing in its role, it is only a single example, a grotesque and shocking example of current Judicial Practice.

The Rule of Law in Australia has failed, even if the above were only an isolated case, it would have been an isolated case that should never have happened, had the Judicial System been a functioning mechanism serving the Community, it would never have happened.

Part: II

The Failure to Legislate

It is quite evident from the above that the Government of the State of Queensland not only failed to legislate prior to this event occurring in order to stop it from happening but also after this event to stop it occurring again. Along with failing to provide a rigid frame-work for the Judiciary to operate in the future in order to prevent such errs in judgement from occurring within the Judiciary again the Government of the State of Queensland has also failed to simply Govern in order to stop the Aurakun Community degenerating to such a point to begin with and since.

The Failure to Legislate is most evident when one considers the fact that 3/4's of the Aurakun Community front the Judiciary year on year, if there were a Jessica's Law such as in the US State's of Florida and California or a 3-Strikes Provision such as in other US States almost the entire population of the Aurakun Community would spend the greater majority of the rest of their lives in prison.

If the Government of the State of Queensland legislated in-line with the US of A all nine of those above would spend the rest of thier lives in prison without the possibility of being paroled and no one could doubt that the 9 men above deserve anything less.

The Governments at all levels of the Commonwealth of Australia have failed to legislate in this manner, knowing full well that the re-offending rate for violent paederists, sexual offenders and actual paedophiles is greater than 2/3s have failed absolutely to Legislate to provide Peace and Security, above all they have failed to provide Fundamental Security for the Nation's must vulnerable citizens, our children.

Part: III

Questions & Opinions

Why do the Governments of the Commonwealth of Australia refuse to Legislate in-line with "Jessica's Law"?

Why do the Governments of the Commonwealth of Australia refuse to take violent sexual crime as seriously as it should?

Why do the Governments of the Commonwealth of Australia refuse to Legislate in order to curb the growing trend of sexual offending among the Population?

The answers to the above are quite simple, inept, corrupt, ideologically removed government simply using the population of the Commonwealth of Australia to further their own Political Party driven agendas and putting the interests of those Political Party driven agendas ahead of serving the people they were elected to represent.

Politics is the enemy here, both major Political Ideoms represented in the Commonwealth of Australia are held to ransom by funding and the lobby groups who control that funding. Put simply the People of the Commonwealth of Australia are governed not by their elected representatives but but by board room lobby groups and ideologically driven cause lobby groups, in-fact we the people are governed by un-elected self-proclaimed self-righteous grouping of board room money makers and a rag-tag assortment of single issue groups harking in the ear of Government then threatening to remove their money if the Government dares to refuse to give to their demands.

There is nothing stopping the Governments of the Commonwealth of Australia from putting "Jessica's Law" to a referendum, there is nothing stopping said Governments from putting a new Criminal Code to the popular vote either.

This is another part of the problem, We the People have become complicit in the Government's failure by refusing to demand better, this has in-part lead to the Society we have today, where Judges believe that 10 year olds can consent to sexual activity with 9 other people and think it acceptable that those participating go unpunished. This decline in standard of Judicial Thinking and Practice has been more than helped on its way by Government refusing to Govern then perpetuated by a People who refuse to be Governed.

We the People have the Right to Demand, We the People have the Right to live in Peace and Security, We the People have the Right to Govern on our own terms when the Government Refuses or Fails to do so.

It is Time that We the People exercised those Rights.

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